Konsulentkodekset - vi har taget stilling

Insourcing/services provided:

Nordre Strandvej 155
3140 Aalsgaarde
+45 49 22 52 42

Areas of responsibility

To be determined in detail with the client

Responsibility with regard to agreements made

Ongoing dialogue with client

Alignment of expectations

Agreements made with the client must be complied with

Ongoing dialogue with the client


Noncompliance with relevant legislation is unacceptable

Dialogue with the client 

Mobile telephony

Mobile phone always mute

Client is not charge for telephone time with other clients

Dialogue with the client

Dress code

Follow dress code

Blend discretely in


Constructive criticism - never criticize former employees

Never criticize or comment on cash positions or other internal condistions to employees

Be aware of your role as a consultant - signals can be interpreted differently by employees and management, respectively - positive

Telephony - never finish a call and then comment negatively on the conversation


Only in case of an emergency

Own time

Dialogue with the client


In accordance with the smoking policy of the client

Smoking = own time

Dialogue with the client



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