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Bookkeeping services on a regular basis

NUMERUS handles all bookkeeping functions for many clients – from the reception of vouchers to the preparation of material for the auditor. Bookkeeping services include bookkeeping, effecting payments, reconciliation, invoicing, follow-up on debtors, VAT accounting and payroll administration, among other things.

Cleanup and project assignments

Should your business need additional resources in the accounts department or with regard to bookkeeping, our services will provide you with assistance on a short- or a long-term basis. For instance, assistance might be needed in connection with year-end financial reporting, clearing up piles of unfinished work, short-term sickness of staff or in connection with the implementation of a new financial management system or the like. It might be a great advantage to engage our consultants to provide the required assistance as an alternative to further burdening your existing staff.


Interim assignments

A need for long-term assistance may typically arise in a business in connection with parental or sick leave of employees. In these situations we can offer your business qualified and efficient bookkeeping services according to your needs.

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