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financial management consultants
NUMERUS´ services comprise everything within bookkeeping, accounting and financial management, and today our team consists of well over 20 consultants.
Close cooperation

NUMERUS is based on close cooperation with a talented network of qualified, independent consultants, who are used to handling the assignments of the finance and accounting department in a professional manner. We have extensive knowledge of various financial management systems, and we provide services at many levels. Close cooperation with the auditor is a priority.

Who is behind NUMERUS?

Owned and operated by Maria Buch-Jakobsen

NUMERUS was established on 1. January 2005 and is based on more than 30 years of experience from the Danish private business sector.

Maria has a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (Informatics and Financial Management) and has more than 30 years of experience. After finishing her bank education and training, Maria was employed as an Accounts Manager and a Financial Manager in some large companies.

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